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Analyze with Confidence
A one-stop shop for data curated and vetted by the industry’s top crypto-native data experts.​
Why clients choose Pro Data
Access to one of the largest and growing datasets in the industry.
Time Savings​
Leverage our curated library of on and off-chain datasets and expertise of our in-house team of crypto-native analysts.
Download, export, and build your own dashboard to suit the needs of your organization (capability available for most data sets).
The combination of our custom pipelines and in-house team of experts ensure our datasets are accurate and reliable. ​
Speak with an expert about how The Block Pro Data can support your team.

Subscriptions are available for the following Pro Data products:

Understand the dynamics driving market behavior.

Access 150+ datasets highlighting key industry sectors (including 400+ charts, 225 proprietary to The Block) in one, single location.

Popular categories: Markets, on-chain metrics, scaling solutions, NFTs and DeFi.

Access to exclusive, client—only resources

Interested in seeing the Pro Data Dashboard for yourself?

API connectivity is available to support organizations who wish to download the datasets in the formats and frequency of their choice.
Unlock access to the most comprehensive datasets in the industry today.​
Custom Dashboards
Have a data need outside the resources available with your subscription?
Our data team can help.​
With the best analyst team in the industry and our owned data sets, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive support to teams who don’t have the time or resources to develop their own.

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