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Deep-dive research and analysis from the industry’s largest research analyst team on the projects, people, and organizations shaping digital assets.​
Why clients choose Pro Research
Time Savings
Our team of 30+ analysts sift through the noise, connect the dots, and make sense of the events, so your team doesn’t have to.
Sector-Specific Coverage
In-depth assessments are written by subject-matter experts on topics including DeFi, Layer 1s, NFTs & the Metaverse to crypto-specific market structure, investments, and company overviews.
Our team of crypto-native and financial industry experts are some of the most respected in the industry.
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Access to exclusive, client—only resources

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Professional Services
Have a research need outside of the resources available with a Pro Research subscription? Our professional services team can help.
Professional services engagements are supported with a team of subject matter experts tailored to the needs of your organization’s highly-sensitive project. Popular projects include:
One-on-one consulting
Leverage our team of in-house research analysts as an extension of your own with 1:1 consulting hours. Popular use cases include guided Q&As or participating in your internal team meetings.
Educational sessions
Boost employee and executive team understanding of crypto fundamentals with “lunch and learn” sessions led by our research team. Popular topics include state of the market, blockchain 101, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and Layer 1s.
Market analysis
Get a holistic view of all the factors impacting a strategic decision with custom market overviews. Previous client requests include product feature or service offering mapping, ecosystem tracking, market sizing and trend analysis.
Investment diligence
Let us do the heavy lifting before your team makes a critical investment decision. Engagements include opportunity analysis, competitive landscaping, risk analysis, financial modeling, and internal and broader ecosystem interviews.​
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Research Library
See for yourself why our research team is the best in the industry. Download our 2023 Digital Asset Outlook Report now.

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